Friday, January 10, 2014

Jane Clark Brown 1846-1918 (52 Ancestors #2)

Editor's Note:  this is another article for the series in which I'm participating, "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks", a challenge issued by Amy Johnson Crow on No Story Too Small.

I've written before about my paternal great-great-grandmother Jane Clark Brown. Now, I can include her photo.  When my uncle showed me this photo and gave it to me for keeps, it was happy dance time.  Having the photo made her come to life so to speak.

The Photo
In pencil written on the back are the words

"Jane Brown"
"Ida M Kendall Mother"

Jane Clark Brown 1846-1918

Backside, Jane Clark Brown photo
The photo is on stiff paper maybe cardstock.  The outer "frame" of the photo is a pale peach-like color with a darker colored ring surrounding the photo itself.  The image and the outer frame are not centered. The photographer's name is not on the front or back.

Jane appears as an ample woman of undetermined age.  Her hair color is dark with no sign of gray, parted in the middle and pulled tightly behind her ears to the back of her head.  There are no adornments such as curls, waves or ribbons.  No ear or other jewelry are visible.

Jane's dress is made of dark fabric with a high, lace-edged collar under which is a ribbon tied in a bow.  Aha, there may be a pin at the middle of the neckline!  Like the bodice, the one visible sleeve appears more fitted than puffed.   The left sleeve has two dark narrow ribbons - or are they wrinkles in the fabric?  The bodice has eight fabric-covered buttons down the middle from neckline to waist.  There is a waistline but no belt is apparent. 

The photo was given to me by my uncle during a visit in 2012.  He possesses a large collection of family memorabilia kept by my grandmother Ethel May Kendall Hibsch who was the granddaughter of Jane Clark Brown.

Next Steps
I would like get confirmation that this is really a photo of my Jane Clark Brown.  Another photo would help.  I'd also like to know how old the woman is and/or when the photo was taken.  And, I think I need to visit my uncle more often!

Stay tuned.  


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  2. Old family photographs really do bring our ancestors to life. A nice read. Good luck in finding the answers to your new questions.

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