Friday, September 19, 2014

Emma J. Ream Kendall, Mother of Many

This is article #32 for the series "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks", a challenge by Amy Johnson Crow on No Story Too Small.

I wrote in a previous article that Emma J. Ream was married in 1884 to my great-great uncle James William Kendall.  All I knew about her was that she was born in Iowa in the 1860s, married James in Council Grove, Morris County, Kansas and had nine children.  Then, by happenstance, I found her obituary during a newspaper search for other Kendall ancestors.  The location of the newspaper caught my eye – California!  Looking further, I learned that other kin of my great-great grandfather Henry Martin Kendall came to California from Kansas, albeit well after he did.

Below is Emma Ream Kendall's obituary from the San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, California), Thursday, May 29, 1947, Page 11:

(click to enlarge)

Much information can be gleaned from this notice for further research and verification:
  1. Full name
  2. Age
  3. Date of death
  4. Time and location of death
  5. Nativity location
  6. Length of residence in California
  7. Married names of daughter and grand-daughter
  8. Surviving children and where they lived
  9. Date, location and officiant of funeral
  10. Location of interment
Gotta love those lucky, "happenstance", search results!

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