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Military Monday: 417th Military Escort Group Co Photo

Editor's Note: this is another in a series of posts about re-creating my father's WWII military history.

My father, Robert M. Hibsch, kept several papers from his days in the Army during World War II (WWII) which I have now. He served as a military policeman with the 417th Military Police Escort Guard (MPEG) Company.  The 417th MPEG Company was located at camps in England: Bourton-on-the-Hill, Truro, and Galmpton, and Cherbourg, France.[1]

The picture shown here was found in his papers.  It’s not the original photo; it’s on regular 8½” x 11” white paper that has faded.  Unfortunately, there is no date or location. Someone hand printed the names of the soldiers in order in which they appear. The “author” must have known the identity of the soldiers and was probably in the photo himself

My father is in this picture which makes it very valuable.

Challenge to family: can you find him without looking at the names row by row?

Challenge to descendants:  is your father or other relative in this photo?  I’m posting it and transcribing the names printed on it in hopes that the descendants of these soldiers can share information about the 417th MPEG Company.  Please contact me!

417th Military Police Escort Company Photo
Source: Personal Collection of Denise Hibsch Richmond
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Otto, D.J. Goodwin, Kramer, Vogel, Armstrong, McBride, Newsom, Lavery, Stender, Houser, Jordahl, Warden, Gardiner, Tucker, Jontow, Butzblau, F.D. Arnold, Charon, Clarkson, Birge, Collins, W Evans, Noe, Doers, H. Cook.

Gatavaski, Angell, Massey, Myklesy, Wallman, Marvin, Jacobsen, Walker, Rhoad, Stanard, Adelson, Rukavina, Kramer, Gottfried, Capt. Gullett, W.E. Smith, Lt. Lynn, Rhodehammel, 1st Sgt. Dunlap, Barnes, Russell, Fleming, Guerrero, Doyle, Ragsdale, Provonsha, Berry, Pinianski, J.P. Bradshaw, Akers, Jimenez, Dalton, Shipman, Larsen.

Rameriz, Pfiefer, Anderson, Dahlberg, Erickson, Nessly, Buckler, Rammerman, Handwerker, Souder, Baker, Roberts, Kirk, Spies, Brooks, Long, Pitz, Volek, LaClair, Smook [Smock], Whelan, Hibsch, P. Arnold, Slapnik, C.H. Cook, Burt, Poulton, Stanko, Messner, Stewart, Schneider, Gregston [Grecston].

Osinski, Talmadge, J.B. Bradshaw, Piekarski, Robb, Ray, Gammon, Blair, Ash, Pomerantz, J.G. Smith, Wilson, Condiff, Murphy, Jensen, Shurtliff, F. Miller, White, Richardson, Verkuyl, Bauer, E. Smith, Walton, West, Metter, Moyher, Malone.

[1] Miller, James S.. 1st Lt, FA Commanding, HISTORY OF THE 417th MPEG COMPANY FROM 1 FEB 1944-1 FEB 1945, 19 June 1945, p. 8 of 28, Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1917, Record Group 407, National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD. Note: file obtained by Denise Hibsch Richmond contained 28 sheets of loose papers and personally numbered in order of appearance 1- 28.

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