Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Epilogue - 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge

Thank you to Amy John Crow and her blog series "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks", a challenge on No Story Too Small.  I finished the challenge and learned more about my ancestors than I did before.

I didn't want to end the Challenge with just the 52nd post. Something extra was needed - like a bow on a package, a cherry on top of the sundae.  How about a list befitting the end of the year?  I have two to wrap up 2014:

Top 10 Most-Read Posts 

  1. Mrs. Mary Daulton Clark Identified Using Two Key Resources (#33)
  2. Ethel May Kendall Hibsch, the First Family Historian (#48)
  3. Henry M. Kendall, Orange Juice in his Blood (#47)
  4. John Ernest Hübsch 1838-1909 (#1)
  5. James Hutson Abandoned Family (#4)
  6. Ida May Brown Kendall, My Mystery Woman (#10)
  7. Comings and Goings of Adam Clark, 1842-1926 (#7) 
  8. Thomas Brown, Native of Ohio 1844-1927 (#8)
  9. Jane Clark Brown 1846-1918 (#2)
  10. Cephas A. Eisenman 1874-1946, Lifelong Minnesotan (#9)*

My Top 5 Ancestors**
  1. Ethel M. Kendall Hibsch and Alba W. Hibsch: my grandparents - I just need more time to get to know you and have a Root Beer float.
  2. Jane Clark Brown: why did you really live in an insane asylum most of your life?
  3. John Ernest Hübsch:  tell me about your hometown in Prussia and sailing to America.
  4. Thomas Cresap: how did you survey the wilderness and were you as vile as they said?
  5. Rebecca Cresap Ogle:  tell me about frontier life in Ohio and raising 13 children.
     +1 Alva Leo Hutson: let's talk about homesteading in early 1900s North Dakota over a bowl of  your ice cream.

Thank you for reading  about my ancestors throughout the past year.  I hope you'll continue to read my blog and remember to post a comment about your thoughts.  Much appreciated!

 *resulted in a cousin connection!
**of course I'd like to talk to all of my ancestors but this list includes the ones who especially piqued my curiosity.


  1. Nice way to wrap up the year! I like your "Top 5 Ancestors" -- isn't it interesting how some ancestors pique our curiosity? Have a great New Year!

    1. Thanks Amy. Family history research is the closest we get to Time Travel. Wishing you a Happy New Year also.


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