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Benjamin Daniel Clark, Lifelong Resident of Adams County, Ohio (52 Ancestors #49)

This is another article for the series "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks", a challenge by Amy Johnson Crow on No Story Too Small.

My third great-grandfather Benjamin Daniel Clark lived in Adams County, Ohio all of his life.  He was a farmer but I don’t know yet what he farmed.  He was born on 25 Oct 1815 and died on 24 Nov 1895 at age 80.  His parents were Stephen Clark (1771-1851) and Rebecca Cresap Ogle Clark (1783-1853).[1]  He was recorded as Daniel in census records.

Daniel was twice married, first to Hannah Carrigan (1819-1854) followed by Irene Hill (1819-1889).  He was buried at Flat Run Cemetery, Adams County, Ohio.  He and Hannah had ten children; he and Irene had four children.[2]

What’s My Line?
Daniel’s daughter Jane Clark Brown was my second great-grandmother, her daughter Ida May Brown Kendall was my first great-grandmother and her daughter, Ethel May Kendall Hibsch, was my grandmother.

The Census
Daniel Clark was enumerated in the censuses for 1850 - 1880.  I may have found him in the 1840 census.  Data points seemed consistent with the 1850 census for name, home in 1850 and person’s ages.  But who was the one free white person age 50-59?  Maybe his mother or mother-in-law?

Daniel Clark Family in 1870 U.S. Federal Census
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The 1840 U.S. Federal census[3] only recorded the name of the head of household.  Numbers in categories sufficed for others in the household.  By comparing the 1840 and 1850 censuses (which had all family names and ages), a calculated match was made for my Clark family.  Danial [Daniel] Clark lived in Franklin Township, Adams County, Ohio.  His household consisted of one free white male under 5 [Edward Clark?]; one free white male 20 - 29 [Daniel Clark?]; two free white females under 5 [Mary and Edath Clark?]; one free white female 20 - 29 [Hannah Clark?]; one free white female 50 - 59 [mother, mother-in-law?]; one person employed in agriculture: 1 [Daniel Clark?]; six total free white persons.

In the 1850 U.S. Federal Census[4], Daniel Clark was 25, born about 1825 in Ohio and lived in Franklin Township, Adams County, Ohio.  The household consisted of wife Hanah [Hannah] Clark, 35; daughters Mary Clark, 13; Edath [Edith] Clark, 12; M A [Martha] Clark, 9; Susan Clark, 6; Jane Clark, 4; and sons Edward Clark, 11; Adam Clark, 8; and Joseph Clark, 2.  In about 1852, two more children were born, Mahlon Clark and Sarah E Clark, possibly twins.

In the 1860 U.S. Federal Census[5], David [Daniel] Clark was 44, born about 1816 in Ohio.  He lived in Franklin Township, Adams County, Ohio, post office Locust Grove.  The household consisted of his second wife Irena Clark, 40; daughters Mary Clark, 23; Adah Clark, 21;  Martha Clark, 18; Jane Clark,13; Sarah E Clark, 8; and Drousilla [Drusilla] Clark, 3; and sons Edward Clark, 20;  Adam Clark, 16; Joseph Clark, 11; Mahalon [Mahlon] Clark, 8; and Daniel Clark, 5.

In the 1870 U.S. Federal Census[6], Daniel was 54, born about 1816 in Ohio.  He lived in Franklin Township, Adams County, Ohio, post office Scott.  The household included wife Irena Clark, 51; and daughters Ada Clark, 31; Sarah E Clark, 18; Drusilla Clark, 13; and Minerva E Clark. 7; and sons Mahlon Clark, 18; Daniel W Clark, 14; and Stephen D Clark, 9; daughter-in-law Mary J Wiley, 24; and farm hand, Sanford Shoemaker, 18.  Seems Daniel was prosperous. The value of his real estate was $10,000+ and the value of his personal estate was over $1,800.

The 1880 U.S. Federal Census[7] was the last one in which Daniel was appeared before his death in 1895.  He was 64, born about 1816 in Ohio and lived in Bratton Township, Adams County, Ohio.  His father was born in Pennsylvania, his mother in Maryland.  He was a farmer.  The household included wife Irene Clark, 61; sons Stephen D. Clark, 19 and Parson A. Clark, 16; and daughter N. Ellie Clark, 12; and servant Jane Thompson, 16.

Future Research
  • Obtain records for birth, marriages, land and death
  • Find Daniel in the censuses for 1820 and 1830
  • Determine the nature of his farming
  • Determine Civil War service
  • Determine if Mahlon and Sarah Clark were twins
  • Learn more about the geography of Franklin and Bratton Townships


[1] Memorial #40382217
[2] Subject to verification - according to several public trees on, Daniel married Hannah Carrigan on 6 Jun 1836 in Adams County, Ohio.  She died in 1854 after which he married Irena Hill on 6 June 1854 in Adams County, Ohio.
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